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Parents kill child’s source of happiness

Parents kill child’s source of happiness Few things bring more happiness than the sight of a happy, bubbly child. And I got to see one recently when I was visiting a friend’s place. While we both were still engrossed in our talks, a little figure dashed...

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Let’s Stand Up and Defend Ourselves!

"Observing grandiose action scenes in movies like Kill Bill or martial arts in Kung-Fu series is enough to inspire anyone to suddenly take up a martial art, but there is much more to knowing self-defense than the aesthetic appeal. In the simplest form of...

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Paralympics-Making the Impossible,Possible

The Rio Olympics concluded with its closing ceremony marked by color, music and rain. Many new records were made and new victory styles were created but the most memorable moment was Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe emerging from a warp pipe dressed as...

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