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Let’s Stand Up and Defend Ourselves!

Observing grandiose action scenes in movies like Kill Bill or martial arts in Kung-Fu series is enough to inspire anyone to suddenly take up a martial art, but there is much more to knowing self-defense than the aesthetic appeal. In the simplest form of definition, the protection of one's person or property against some injury attempted by another is defined as self- defence. 

Self-defence, especially for girls, is of paramount importance today and we cannot deny the need for the same. Women, usually referred as the weaker sex, are considered easy targets in a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on a steep rise.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a report about kids and sports and sports injuries this month. One of the things it found was the danger of kids specializing in one sport, instead of playing several. It recommends that kids not specialize in one particular sport until age 15 or 16.

Paralympics-Making the Impossible,Possible

The Rio Olympics concluded with its closing ceremony marked by color, music and rain.  Many new records were made and new victory styles were created but the most memorable moment was Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe emerging from a warp pipe dressed as Super Mario and announcing the next Olympics in Tokyo, in 2020. 

But it’s not a wrap yet till we conclude the Paralympics- sports for the athletes with impairment. 

How Olympics has changed the perception of sports

For centuries, people have come together to compete with each other and have vied for titles of the fastest man/ woman, greatest athlete, etc. This international event which started as a religious event and eventually established itself as the “coming together of the world” is known as the Olympic Games.

Finding the balance between sports and academics

Rohan threw his school bag on his bed, freshened up and grabbed an apple, lifted his cricket kit and stormed out in a hurry. This took a total of 10 minutes while his mom parked the car and was catching up with the friend next-door.


“Keep drinking water, play well and come back as soon as the practice……..”  The elevator shut by the time she could complete her instruction. 

This was a daily drill for Rohan and he shook his head while battling with a series of emotions.

Super Girls – How EduSports is getting them ready to take on the world

All of us face challenges when it comes to goal setting and planning for success. We might overestimate our own strength, or even worse, we might undermine our true potential. Hence, as adults, we seek guidance and expertise in certain areas of goal setting and working on a plan to achieve what we aim for.  We are a part of the vast majority of adults who fail year-on-year to stick to the goals that we set for ourselves.

However, children associated with EduSports have a completely different story!

Dear Parents, you are special too !

Dear Parents,

You are special!

I don’t know you personally but I know you through your child. I know that you have a hidden source of strength and optimism that keeps you going. While I can always move to more comfortable turfs, you do not have that choice; you are a parent- to a special child and you are doing a great job at that. Please read this through because I owe this to you.

Why the Government should encourage Sports Development?

The headline might not have a very simple answer but it is a question worth pondering over. Let’s break the question into smaller parts and try to explore the equation where there is a playful word like ‘sports’ on one side and a serious ‘governance’ on the other.

What is the meaning of ‘sport’ for us?

Today, India stands tall with its initiative to rebuild and reinvent the golden ‘Growth’ era. Currently with one of the highest youth population in the world, India is at the juncture of huge opportunities and challenges together. With 0.8 billion population in the working age, India is slated to become the world’s youngest nation by 2022.


This swelling figure looks like a huge reservoir of manpower but it also draws unprecedented focus towards making this talent pool employable so that they can contribute towards a developing India. With India metamorphosing into one of the fastest growing economies, job creation and skill development seem to be natural tools to lead the nation to greener pastures (Business Standard, 2015). 

Empowering Girls Through Sport

While the Indian TV channels swelled with the military prowess and glimpses of Indian heritage at the 67th Republic Day parade, the Indian women’s cricket team were also busy giving a superb all-round performance by chasing down a record total and upstaging world champions Australia by five wickets in the opening Twenty20 International of a three-match series in Adelaide.


- How Physical Education Is Breaking Barriers For Girls




“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”


Wait, what about Jill?

Remember Jill, of the Jack and Jill fame, who was Jack’s accomplice in all games, till they came tumbling down the hill with some bruised knuckles and knees. Does something, deter Jill from playing again the next day, maybe, maybe not!


Let us present a scenario of two children- a healthy child, and an obese child. If given a choice, we would all want to be the healthy child, which is an obvious one but this preference affects our behavior subconsciously.

As parents start investing more time and money in their child's sports, there is a marked change in their approach to their child's performance in sports.

And there is a "tipping point" at which it all goes horribly wrong!


Observe a child in an open space, away from enclosed areas and towering pillars, where he defines his own language and discovers a new side to him; he is so engaged and connected and yet forgetful of the world around him. Let him be, let the child play!

Excerpts of TimeOut team’s conversation with Mrs. Sheela Rajendra, Deputy Dean & Correspondent of PSBB School

Historically, the role of education has been changing to adapt to the evolving needs of the society. From agrarian to industrial to knowledge economies, the world has gone through several transformations in the way we think, live, communicate and aspire. 

Safety & Security of Children in School

Schools are primarily learning spaces, which are safe, secure and stimulating for children to explore, be curious and gain skills and knowledge. In recent times, the safety and security aspects have been thrown into serious question, given incidents of sexual abuse, which question the basic level of safety in schools.

It seems as though Jim Carrey, the star in a 2003 American religious comedy film Bruce Almighty is not the only mortal to be endowed with god-like powers. In the movie starring Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan, a down-on-his-luck TV reporter who complains

Have always been pleasantly surprised at how kids play, how they make a game out of nothing at all, how they make up the rules - and then modify them - as the game develops.

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In 1997, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with late-stage metastatic testicular cancer.The cancer had spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain.Post diagnosis, his mother was told to be prepared to lose her son