The ‘EduSports App’ has been created with the intent to encourage the parents to get more involved in their child’s sports activities. 

The app is also a platform for children to enhance their knowledge through sports and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With the 'EduSports App' you can:

EDUSPORTS-APP-CURRICULUM-ICON Get to know what your child has learned in EduSports classes
EDUSPORTS-APP-ASSESMENT-ICON View skill and fitness reports with detailed information
EDUSPORTS-APP-EVENT-ICON Get to know about events and other competitions conducted by EduSports
EDUSPORTS-APP-SLAM-ICON Enhance your child’s general knowledge with daily SLAM messages
EDUSPORTS-APP-BLOG-ICON Get health tips from Nutrition & Sports Blogs
EduSports-Play-icon Improve your game with sports specific videos

To Know more about how to use the 'EduSports App', click here  



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