Shakti Self Defense Program

The idea for self-defence for girls has singularly been driven by a need for protection and for keeping one-self safe. Now, however, it has become synonymous with their holistic growth and development. With so much awareness around, it no longer remains a mere skill-set focused on warding off potential risks; it has in fact taken a whole new conceptual meaning today.

SHAKTI, EduSports' self-defence program, uses a comprehensive approach to teach girls of ages 10 and above, a means to defend themselves from unsafe situations. Shakti is not just a typical martial arts program, but it also strives to prepare girls mentally and emotionally for unsound and risky situations. The framework consists of two processes:

Preparedness refers to precautionary measures taken, to prepare for potentially unsafe situations or reduce the effects of it.
Preparedness consists of three modules:
I. PHYSICAL - Learning physical skills
II. MENTAL - Building a mental make-up to handle stress
III. SITUATION HANDLING - Pre-thinking and debriefing


a. Comforting – An awareness that the child/adult is not the only person going through this
b. Openness and encouragement to report the issue
- How and where they can report
- How we can encourage them to report
c. Prepare a list of important phone numbers
d. Post-trauma help line and counseling sessions
e. Debriefing
- What did I do right
- How to better it
f. Parent/Teacher module to complete the ecosystem


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