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Heroes of EduSports

Jack of all traits, master of one | Gorky Sinha | Heroes of EduSports

Having born into a creative family with author parents, I was never held back when it came to career choices. Be it sports, photography, or science - my family embraced all my inclinations with open arms. While I have dabbled in many fields, sports has always been a constant in my life.

Let the children learn to play | Arul Babu | Heroes of EduSports

Starting with a gold medal in BPEd., I studied further to complete MPEd. and MPhil. My education was primarily focussed on how to give sports coaching. However, when I joined EduSports, I faced a major challenge in training the kids. All these professional sports courses had taught me how to train starting from kids studying in 6th standard and above. According to a national body that formulates the curriculum of such professional courses, a child is only fit for sports training from classes 8 and above. Thus, they give a two years’ buffer period for the child to learn the basics and officially start training from 6th standard onwards.

You can pull a child out of a sport, but you cannot pull the sport out of a child | Sunil

My family never approved of a career in sports and so, I never got the opportunity to get a formal education around it. Yet, today, with no educational background in sports, my profession is to coach school kids in sports.

Honest efforts towards your passion never let you down | Abhishek Paul

Having played First Division cricket for more than 15 years in West Bengal, the game has become second skin to me. A couple of years back, I got posted in a school as a cricket coach. As much as I was looking forward to this stint, I was concerned about the fact that the school did not have a cricket team. As I dug deeper, I could sense a waning interest in cricket. When I opened up registrations, only 3 boys expressed their interest in the game. All the rest were flocking towards football and basketball.

Do what is right, not what is easy | Abdul Lateef | Heroes of EduSports

The most important thing I’ve learnt from sports is fair play. There’s no victory that is more valuable than one’s honesty towards the game. I’ve been on the receiving end of unfair play at very key junctures in my life, and it is shattering to say the least.