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Heroes of EduSports

Life is a relay race, pass on the goodness | Hassaan Ahmad | Heroes of EduSports

Being passionate about sports is commendable, but one has to travel the extra mile to pass it on. 

There are children in every locality of the country that may never get a chance in their lives to go to school. Sports training would be a distant dream for such kids. 

Sports isn’t optional | Suresh D | Heroes of EduSports

There aren’t many kids India that get the right exposure and support to pursue sports during their growing up years. I would count myself in one of the lucky ones who got a great PE teacher at school and parents as supportive of sports as they could be. 

Compassion is so often the solution | Avinash Kumar | Heroes of EduSports

Hailing from Gorakhpur, I started with my first job in North Karnataka. It was at a school, as a sports teacher. A while into the job, I noticed a kid - in first grade - who behaved very differently from the lot. Very quiet, disinterested - in almost everything, one with a rather sad report card. I enquired from the fellow teachers to find out more about his situation. They ridiculed him saying that he has always been like that - the dull student that they never liked. 

An ounce of practice is worth more than a tonne of preaching | Amit

Sometimes it’s amusing how life comes back a full circle. I was always an active kid with a strong bent towards sports. As much as I loved to play, I hated attending classes at school. Sitting at one place for long hours and studying wasn’t really my cup of tea. While pursuing my degree in physical education, I even went up to my teachers to express my displeasure towards attending theory classes. 

My family was always supportive of my career choice. With their constant backing coupled with my passion towards sports, I finished my post-graduation in physical education. I then went on to apply for a job at a school for the role of a P.Ed. teacher. My first task was to take a demo theory class. It’s rather funny for a guy who despised attending classes but I got the job.

It has been an eventful journey since then. I got opportunities to train kids as young as 4 and as old as 16-17. I enjoy my job and also make sure that I stay connected with the sporting scene of the country. I would be officiating in the Maharashtra under-13 athletics competition this year. The passion for practicality has paid off. 



(Amit, Resident, Kannauj)

Find your calling and stay true to it | Mahender Rawat | Heroes of EduSports

As much as I’m proud to have been raised as an army kid, it had some downsides too. My father got transferred every few years and thus changed my city, school and friends. I am an introvert by nature and have always hesitated to approach new people. However, it is easier to bond with new people over sports. So, with football by my side, I never fell short of good company.