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Sport for social change

EduSports is committed to transforming the lives of children, belonging to underprivileged communities, through the magic of sports. We work with corporates and governments to incorporate our structured curriculum in public schools. EduSports’ pioneering ‘Sport for Change’ program uses physical activity and sports to drive change in schools in terms of health, education and empowerment of children. The program is scientifically researched, highly tested and well-integrated into the core education process of the schools. The highly awarded ‘Sport for Change’ program has helped improve the educational outcomes of over
30,000 children in more than 400 public schools.

Children belonging to the underprivileged section of the society face various problems such as higher dropout rates, poor health, and lack of employability skills etc.

Research has shown


47 million youth in India drop out of school by the 10th grade.


2 out of 3 children do not have healthy BMI.

Empowerment and livelihood

Only 2.3% of India’s workforce have undergone any formal skill-based training.

Play or Sports is central to human experience – and is one of the most powerful tools to shape behaviour of children and youth.
Why should schools choose sports for transforming education?
    Sports is:
  • Universal – cuts across communities, cultures, gender and social segments.
  • Visceral – impact at physical, cognitive, and emotional levels.
  • Engaging – enables individual growth and success in a friendly, social context.


Global Studies have shown that the inclusion of PE and sports have led to an increase in the attendance from 89.9% in 2000/01 to 94.2% in 2005/6.


Research has shown that 60 minutes of rigorous playtime every day is ideal for a growing child to be healthy and fit.

Empowerment and livelihood

After adopting sports in their regular routine 7 out of 10 girls have shown improvement in their social emotional skills.

Creating the children's sports journey: Enhancement to Employability

Ashok Leyland

Education, health and empowerment

  • Implemented in 390 schools.
  • 10% increase in fitness level of children.

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Sports Authority of Gujarat

Education and empowerment

  • Implemented in more than 90 schools
  • 23% increase of female participation in the after-school programs.

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Various state governments


  • Implemented in more than 300 schools across 8 states.
  • 80% of the interested candidates recruited

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EduSports in action